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What is Pnu E-training platform ?

Pnu E-training platform is an electronic training platform that transcends trainees the boundaries of stage and place, to provide training programs in the educational stage in the basic stage of education and training in the first stage.

About us


To be the beacon of women for knowledge and values.


It is a comprehensive university for women, which is characterized by its educational leadership and scientific research, and contributes to building the knowledge economy with a community and global partnership.


Belonging, integrity, trust, superiority, excellence, commitment to quality, and professionalism.

Our Goals

Based on what modern technology has reached in terms of uses in the field of training and learning so that it has become an effective means of transferring knowledge and knowledge, and transforming them into an interactive creative environment that develops the trainee's skills in smart, unprecedented ways that are not available in traditional training; In order for Princess Noura University to benefit from this rapid advancement in online learning techniques, I created the platform to achieve the following goals:

  • - Spread science and knowledge.
  • - Enhance the social responsibility of Princess Noura University by contributing to the provision of training for community members.
  • - Create training methodologies that meet the needs of beneficiaries from inside and outside the university.
  • - Develop trainees' professional and personal skills.

Our Message

To become Pnu E-training platform leading in the development of university education and learning at the Arab and Islamic levels.